What is your 'why'?

Simon Sinek created The Golden Circle. The concept is simple; successful organisations create their foundation by first addressing WHY they exist, then HOW they go about their mission and finally WHAT they essentially do.

You may already know what your company sells and how you go about selling your product, but why does the product exist, why do you do what you do?

The most successful companies always start with why and attract staff members who embrace that why. Understanding the why is the key to success in the subsequent what and how.

I relate this to my own life by considering my passion and why I get up every morning to do my job.

My why is my passion for the quality care of children. It was my why when I was a full-time educator; and it is my why now as a full-time trainer. My why influences my 'what and how.'

Everything I say and do is driven by my passion to see each child cared for by high quality educators and given opportunities in their early childhood to truly thrive.

My what and how may include training in the classroom, visiting students on the job, writing course content and assessment marking (that never seems to end) but it is always driven by my why... quality care for all children.

Greenhouse Education opened their doors for exactly the same reason, with the very same why, quality training for educators - resulting in quality care for children. Perhaps that was why I was so drawn to working with them! That all important culture fit will ultimately determine your happiness and success in the role you fill.

My why drives me to keep learning, to keep growing, to keep questioning and to keep sharing the reasons why children need and deserve quality care.

What is your why?

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