the beginning

is a wonderful place to be

You're here!


You've taken the first step towards an incredible career in the Early Education and Care (Childcare) profession. An incredibly rewarding profession, that provides great career advancement opportunities.

Whether you have just finished school, left school early or have taken some time to think about what you want to do - Greenhouse Education welcomes you and congratulates you on taking that all important first step.

Early Childhood Education and Care is a calling. It is a profession that only those truly nurturing souls, who are genuinely passionate about the care and development of children, succeed in. We are sure that is you.


Below are a few quick answers to the most common questions and concerns we receive from our new students. If you would like more information, or would prefer to just come in and have a chat, then at the bottom fill out the contact form and someone from our Greenhouse Student Care team will be in touch.

I don't really like studying
We understand. Most of our students are hands-on learners, who prefer to be actively doing things rather than sitting down and 'studying'. For that reason, our Courses are a good balance of classroom-based lesson delivery (tutorial learning) in small groups, with a very experienced Senior Trainer and Assessor from the Childcare Profession there to answer every question you have; and practical on-the-job learning where you get to put all of that theory into practice. At any point, should you need more help, your Trainer and Assessor is available for one-on-one meetings and study assistance.
I'm nervous about starting work in a Care Room
Starting any new job is daunting, so don't worry, you're not alone! We have a simulated Care Room on-site at our Teaching Premises, to enable you to practice theory in a safe and secure setting before you even step foot into an actual Care Room. We also have plenty of experienced staff on-hand at all times to answer any other queries you may have. You're in good hands, we promise. We will make sure you have the skills and confidence necessary to be a competent and successful Early Childhood Educator.
I don't have access to the equipment necessary to study
As an enrolled Greenhouse Student, you have access to the Greenhouse Common Room, which has computers, printers, scanners and anything else you may need to complete your studies. This is free of charge for enrolled students.
I don't have a Driver's License yet
Totally fine. Luckily, our Clarkson-based School premises is easily accessible via Public Transport. You can plan your journey from our Welcome Page or Course Pages.
I can't afford tuition fees upfront
We have fortnightly and weekly payment plans for those who can't afford the tuition upfront. We will work with you to ensure finances won't get in the way of you achieving your goals.
I don't have a Work Placement or Traineeship lined up yet
Part of our Enrolment Process is to help you find a Work Placement or Traineeship, depending on your circumstances. We will also assist you with obtaining the necessary Police Clearance and Working with Children Check before commencing as well.
What is the best Course for me to study?
Well that depends on your Career aspirations, what kind of role do you ultimately want at the end of study? It is a legal necessity for anyone working in the Childcare profession to have Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, as a minimum. This is the qualification we recommend anyone first entering the profession, begin with.
If you ultimately want to end up working with School Age Children, then Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care could be the one for you.
If at the end of your study, you decide you would like to one day run your own Family Day Care Centre or be the Coordinator or Room Leader in a Childcare facility, then you may want to look at studying a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care once your Certificate III or IV are complete.